Become a Precision Twirler

So, you or your daughter wants to become a twirler. You think it’s a great idea. She’ll get up and active, learn new skills, and make lots of friends. But you don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place. Precision Twirl makes it simple to register for classes and begin the lifelong journey of learning (and loving) the sport of baton twirling.


  • Register for Classes

    Complete the Google form to register for classes and receive a free Precision Twirl class t-shirt. The non-refundable registration fee, which is due with the initial tuition payment, is $15. Monthly tuition is $50. Ask about our sibling discount.

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  • Buy a Baton

    The experts at Precision Twirl recommend you purchase the thicker-shaft, wrapped ABC or Starline batons, which are available at the studio for $32 and unwrapped for $30. Years of experience have led to this recommendation.

    Learn About Recommended Batons
  • Participate in Team Events

    Would your child like to twirl on a winning team? Or would she prefer to ride or walk along with the Precision Twirl float at the Christmas Parade? Students may participate in one or both events with their friends and teammates at Precision Twirl.

    Learn Your Options
  • Learn Proper Studio Etiquette

    Your daughter wants to make a good impression by treating her instructors and teammates with respect when she attends twirling classes. Help her come prepared wearing her class t-shirt, black shorts or warm-up pants, and tennis or jazz shoes.

    Learn to Look Like a Pro
  • Take Private Lessons

    Whether your child is an experienced twirler or just a beginner, the instructors at Precision Twirl want her to be the best twirler you can be. That’s why they offer private lessons. She can perfect her skills or learn the fundamentals with private twirling lessons.

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  • Take Double Lessons

    If your child is new to twirling, she might benefit from taking two classes at a time: one class that teaches the fundamentals of twirling and one that teaches age-appropriate twirling tricks. Ask for a double lesson discount.

    Ask About Double Lessons

Mrs. Keitt has the expertise and experience to instruct and inspire your Precision Twirler to become the best she can be—in the sport of twirling and in life. Register for classes today. Twirl tomorrow.

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