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Baton Twirling Lessons in Henderson, TX

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Precision Twirling is Passionate About Twirling.
And Passionate About You.

Paige and the staff at Precision Twirl have the talent and experience to help your child shine.

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  • Get Active

    Get Active

    You want your child to get active and remain active in this increasingly sedentary world. But you don’t want to argue about it. Twirling promotes physical and mental health while providing your child a creative outlet to express herself.

  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

    Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

    From using a keyboard to driving a car, hand-eye coordination is an important 21st-century skill. Baton lessons will help your child develop the precision necessary to perform so many of life’s day-to-day functions. And it’s fun!

  • Learn Discipline

    Learn Discipline

    Twirling lessons encourage students to be punctual and prepared for class, as well as to practice diligently to learn a new skill. When these skills are developed at a young age, children will reap lasting benefits in all areas of their lives.

  • Make Friends

    Make Friends

    Team twirling encourages students to build relationships that last. When teammates learn, practice, and compete together, they bond through their triumphs and their failures. Learning to be a team player is an essential skill at school, in the workforce, and at home.

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Twirling Lessons in Henderson, TX

What People Are Saying About Precision Twirl

Parents across East Texas choose Precision Twirl for top-notch twirling classes in the Henderson, Texas area.

  • Best Instructors

    “Paige Keitt is one of the best instructors and leaders in twirling—EVER! What an inspiration to so many young ladies while they are learning their skills, as well as when they are giving their parents and grandparents happy feelings along the journey! Tops in my book!!!!!”

  • Promotes Discipline

    “Paige Keitt is not only the best twirling instructor; she also promotes discipline and kindness in all of her students.”

  • Uplifting and Inspiring

    “This is a fantastic place. The instructor is very kind, uplifting, and inspiring.”

  • Great Teachers

    “ My daughter loves coming to class and learning new things. Ms. Paige and her assistants are great teachers who really invest in each student.”

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Common questions
Twirling Parents Have


  • Who can participate?

    Beginner, intermediate, and advanced twirlers of any age can register for classes. Precision Twirl helps all twirlers improve, regardless of experience level.

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  • When do classes meet?

    Class schedules are based on the number and ages of students who register. Precision Twirl will post the class schedule in August each year.

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  • How much does it cost?

    Registration is $15 and includes a free Precision Twirl t-shirt. Monthly tuition is $50. Precision Twirl loves families who twirl. Ask about our sibling discounts.

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  • Does my child have to compete in competitions and other events?

    Participation in the Christmas Parade and spring competitions are optional but highly encouraged.

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  • What batons are recommended?

    Precision Twirl recommends students buy thicker-shaft ABC or Starline batons, wrapped in black or white tape. These are available for purchase at the studio.

    Consider a Recommended Baton